To know, prevent, and improve.

By understanding the current state, we can validate assumptions, enhance welfare, and pinpoint potential vulnerabilities before they worsen.
With our welfare assessment services for individuals, groups, communities, and ecosystems, we prioritize the well-being of human and non-human animals across diverse environments. Whether you’re an individual caring for animals, part of an animal-centric company, or managing a government-owned national park, we’re dedicated to providing tailored assessments to suit your unique requirements.
Benefit from our daily updated knowledge grounded in the latest scientific research and our extensive global experience in animal welfare. We delve deep into understanding every facet of the welfare of the animals under your care. Our assessments, which encompass a range of factors such as natural behavior, mental well-being, habitat quality, and nutrition,  are thorough yet affordable. Our assessments are an independent evaluation that also offers complimentary insights into enhancing welfare practices for the benefit of all involved.
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