Our Story

The International Institute for Animal Ethics is the world’s first and only independent research institute and expert center dedicated to improving the lives of human and non-human animals globally.
Established in 2015 by Ms. Marloes van de Goor, we are now active in over 40 countries. But it started with three camels she met in the Middle East as she was solo trekking through the desert at age 23. ”I met three camels that were severely abused, I still see the sadness in their eyes and smell their infected wounds. All I wanted to do was bring them to safety, but I was in the middle of nowhere. For a moment, I felt powerless. But then I realized I wasn’t. I could talk, educate, and, with a little time, find a solution. For these three camels, my help came too late, but I promised them: I will do my best for all the ones that come after you.” 
Ever since, IIAE has been expanding. From 1 to 40 countries. And from vertebrates to invertebrates. With our global network of experts, we offer an interdisciplinary approach to any request. We remain fully independent. And dedicated to achieving optimal welfare for all alive. For the health and welfare of individuals, groups, communities, and ecosystems.
Presently, our core business is providing consultations, assessments, education and training, and support services for individuals, businesses, and governments.
Are you curious what we can do for you? Let’s connect and we’ll welcome you soon into our global family. 
PS, Did you know Santa Claus was our first client? To assess and improve the welfare of reindeer. We are not kidding. Here you see a short clip.
From the archives: donkey rescue by our founder Marloes.

Unique: Santa’s wish for all alive. 

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